When you just think for a moment how fast the technology is raising, you can easily realize how nowadays there are literally more than 120 different VPN service providers. Okay, that sounds great, but, does that also make you a problem? Sure that it does, in countless VPN app options you may find it difficult to choose the best and most reliable one, and especially for Mac.

There are three main things you need to consider when torrenting on a Mac:

1. The VPN allows P2P connections (Peer-to-Peer).
2. The VPN has a kill-switch feature.
3. The VPN has a strict No Logs policy and it’s fast enough.

You can read more about the features needed for torrenting here.

My purpose is to help you discover the best VPNs for Mac while torrenting. All the VPNs listed below have the three main features I just listed. I won’t take any more of your time, let’s see what do we have here!

1. ExpressVPN
This VPN is easy to install and use, and besides that, it is able to connect to more than 90 countries. But, what matters to you the most here is how it works with torrents, right? It has dedicated servers for torrenting which won’t leave you disappointed.

All ExpressVPN servers allow P2P connections, which means you can use all while torrenting. Bandwidth and unlimited data are also what you can get while using ExpressVPN on your Mac. You are able to run it on three simultaneous devices at the same time! Visit now ExpressVPN and learn more about it.

2. NordVPN
If you are searching for greatly balanced VPN, then look no further. NordVPN is able to hit any important area you want or need. I have already mentioned how ExpressVPN allows you to run it on three simultaneous devices at the same time, but here, you are able to do that on even six.

It has a reliable and safe MacOS app which is completely simple to use even for the beginners. NordVPN allows you to connect to more than 5,000 servers. Be careful with NordVPN, as only some of the servers allow P2P connections!

You can easily choose what server to use from the interface. What can be better than that? Check out the third VPN and decide which one is the best for you. Check out NordVPN and see what’s all about!

3. CyberGhost VPN
The first thing I like to tell people about CyberGhost VPN is definitely that it passed all the extensive IP leak tests. What does that mean at all?

It means how it has no security breaches! The speed performance is almost the same as in NordVPN. How does it work on Mac? Very simple, literally by one click. So, one click, and you are able to use it on even seven simultaneous devices!

You are able to reach 3,000 different servers with CyberGhost VPN and most of them allow P2P. Visit CyberGhost and learn more about this amazing VPN service!

Overall, all three VPNs are great and reliable. Which one will you choose, it is up to you!

Which is the best software for torrenting on Mac?

BitTorent is always a great idea if you use Mac and definitely the first choice for all Mac users. It looks just like the Windows version and works perfectly.
Another good program is SodaPlayer (google it), which can stream a torrent directly on your Macbook.

The difference between BitTorrent and SodaPlayer is simple: BitTorrent will download the file for you, no matter how long it takes, while SodaPlayer will stream it live. So, for files which have lots of peers you should use SodaPlayer, while for files which are coming at a low speed you should use BitTorrent.

Also, countless users worldwide have a great experience while using these sites for torrenting: Piratebay, Pirateiro, Apple Torrent, Katcr, Rutracker, MacTorrents, 7Tor, ArenaBG and Torrent4All. You should search Google for more info on torrent sites.

With all of those three VPNs I have talked above, you will be completely able and safe to get the best torrenting experience. I hope how this article helped you a lot to discover torrents while using the best VPN connection on your Mac!

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