So you’ve decided to go torrenting. This can be tricky, especially if you live in a country where online copyright laws are enforced. To check your status, please visit this Wikipedia page.

You’re obviously here because you want total anonymity while torrenting. This can be done by using a VPN which allows P2P (peer to peer) connections and has a “No Logs” policy. Those two things alone are the most important features that you need. Third, it comes the connection speed. A fast VPN is always better than a slow one. But choosing the best VPN for torrents is not that easy. There are some extra features that you have to pay attention to.

Important feature – Strong Encryption

When connected to a VPN, the traffic you send to your ISP must be encrypted. Otherwise, your ISP might find out that you’re messing with torrents or blocked sites. Fortunately, all the VPN we’ve reviewed provide strong encryption of your traffic, so you don’t have to worry about that. However, this is not certain if you’re using free VPNs. To put it simply, if you want to be 100% safe, choose a paid VPN.

Important feature – No DNS Leak

Another problem which may arise is the DNS leak. In simple words, even though your traffic is encrypted and you’re connected to a VPN, your ISP will see every site you access. All reliable and trusted VPN services do not have this security flaw and you’re 100% safe. Remember, DNS leak is one of the major problems when it comes to VPNs. You can find more info here. ExpressVPN also has a DNS leak test.

Important feature – Kill Switch

One problem which some people don’t think of is what happens when you start downloading with a VPN and then go to sleep, leaving the computer on. The VPN connection might drop, you get disconnected and all your torrent traffic is seen by your ISP. You got busted. The “Kill Switch” feature, if enabled, will block any Internet connections if the VPN drops. It works and it happened to me, only once. I got up and saw the VPN disconnected, but there was also no Internet. I had to close all apps and reboot my computer. The “Kill Switch” helped me stay anonymous.

So, what are the key elements when torrenting from a location where your ISP might be watching?

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